Federal Art Project invites artists from diverse disciplines to shoot 100 feet of 35mm motion picture film.
Films will be screened on August 13, 2009 at Federal Art Project. [link to PDF of Artist call]


-To be shot on August 7-8, 2009 at gallery, by appointment.
-100′ of 35mm film, limited variety stock available or artist may supply stock on a Kodak core.
-No sound track.
-Must be shot on available camera: Konvas 2M, 24fps sync, 8-12-24-25-32 fps- 16mm -200mm Primes,
25-250mm zoom.
-Academy Aperture (full 35mm frame) otherwise one matte crop will be allowed to a standard frame size.
-To be shot within gallery space, no modification of the gallery space (no painting, no adding walls, etc.),
backdrops, props and cast allowed.
-Camera is not allowed to see outside of gallery space, e.g., through doors or windows.
-Should be executed within 30 minutes.
-In camera editing/start-stop shooting allowed.
-Special lighting needs to be specified by artist. Lighting is available.
-Artist may choose to operate or be cinematographer, no outside cinematographer.
(Default operator/cinematographer will be the Curator.)
-Only the tail or the head of the film will be cut to accommodate the mandatory 1,440 final frames (1 min.)
for presentation. (10′ of 100′ are intended for technical purposes; un/loading flashes, color chart,
frame chart, etc.)

Films will be screened continuously on opening day, August 13, 2009, 6p. Each 1440 set will have a
digital title card with artist name. Films will be projected onto an 8′x6′ screen with black border from
a high-resolution digital projector at standard playback.

SUBMISSION (Deadline July 29 ):

- Artist Biography or Statement.
- Proposed use of 100′ of 35mm film
- 1 page combined maximum.
- Please place this information in upper right corner: Name, Phone and Email
- Print submission to .pdf (.doc,.rtf,.txt files ok) and email to above address, or hand deliver to gallery drop box.

If you would like to visit the space please make an appointment or to see a daily schedule go to
federalartproject.net. [link to layout of space.] Multiple submissions permitted, but artist will only
be allowed one 1440 frame set.

Selected submissions will be announced on Federalartproject.net on Friday evening, July 31.
If accepted, a materials fee of $50 will be applied; covers processing, transfer and film stock (200T &
500T color negative) unless otherwise specified by artist. Limited selection on hand.
Artist will receive a DVD copy of all films shot and an HD file of their project.
Individual film will be under license of artist.

Federal Art Project will not have individual rights, but will hold license over the “1440 Frames” as a collection (for details contact Pete Galindo at pgalindo@federalartproject.net).

For more information or to make an appointment to visit the gallery contact: Luis Guizar, curator, lguizar@federalartproject.net

PDF of Announcement [link]

Gallery Map [link]

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