Interview by Curator York Chang

Saturday, November 7, 2009 4:00- 5:00pm

Please join us for the first public discussion in the U.S. with one of the founding members of the visceral realist movement, Argentine artist/provocateur Gustavo E. Raynal. We will be discussing the problematics of non-violence in art, his ideas around “confrontational aesthetics,” and the potential for radical political change through cultural production.

Raynal Biography:

In 1998, Gustavo E. Raynal first presented the influential seminal text Towards a Theory of Institutional Rupture (link to the text) at a workshop in Buenos Aires on contemporary art and politics, laying out an argument for confrontation and disaster as a both a creative strategy and artistic goal. At the end of the workshop, he and four other artists founded a group known as the visceral realists, taking their name from a controversial 1970’s poetry movement in Mexico City, which later became the basis of the acclaimed novel Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño. From 1998-2002, the visceral realists undertook a series of anarchistic activities which sought to disrupt the Latin American commercial art market, and eventually grew to include thirty-two artist members from four different countries. The economic crisis of 2000 further radicalized the work and activities of the Visceral Realists, resulting in the cancellation of a major retrospective planned by the Fundación Telefónicas and leading to the dissolution of the group itself in 2002.

Raynal’s diverse body of work includes “uprisings,” a form of confrontational performance art that systematically targeted museum boards of directors and curators, in an effort to turn the very institution of the museum itself into a visceral realist sculpture. In 2000, he was arrested when he flew to São Paolo and got into an altercation with the President of the São Paulo Biennale Board, returning home to both critical acclaim and controversy. He moved his studio to Mexico City in 2004, where he continues to work, and where he says confrontation and creativity is everywhere.

About the Exhibition:

Independent artist/curator York Chang produces a new genre work of experimental fiction, investigating catastrophe & economic crisis in the first U.S. exhibition of the Latin American artist collective known as The Visceral Realists. Accompanied by a 96 page limited edition publication The Journal of Implied Violence.

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