John Miner’s Print Factory a Black Friday Antidote

By coagula | November 28, 2009

John MIner’s Print Factory was an affordable fine art antidote to the Black Friday mayhem, as master screenprinter John MIner organized a group of artists to screenprint as an event – allowing people to watch the art be made, and make requests of the artists based on the available screenprints and color choices. It was a great party and a great time with some great art.

Artist John Miner and a two-tone screenprint of a fishnet stocking advertisement.

Artist Jesse V and the godfather of Los Angeles screenprinting, Richard Duardo doing the digital camera squint.

John Miner at work. You cannot hear it, but the Germs were playing in the background when this picture was taken.

Artist Karen Fiorito is quite popular, behind her is an outline of a 5-color screenprint she pulled Friday Night – the image turned out to be Condoleeza Rice in dominatrix gear.

Artist Alex Scramble takes his turn at the pull.

Richard Duardo kisses a Jesse V screenprint of a Warhol-ized nun.

Artist Leigh Salgado had John Miner screenprint a Pabst Beer Label on a shirt, winning the critical approval of a very impassioned Jesse V.

The exterior shot of Federal Art Project, 316 W 2nd Street – John Miner’s Print Factory is open Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday afternoon at 1 PM – a screenprint on a shirt you bring is only 10 bucks and there is a ton of affordable art ranging form Warholian riffs on culture to punk concert posters to political and activist work to decorative stuff for above mom’s couch to good old all American fine art. The work of many artists will be available.

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